Tell me it’s not true

Two years ago I went to bed on a normal Sunday evening. By midnight my Dad had gone.

Some memories have faded in a way I never believed they would. Others remain vivid and raw.

The phone call. The scream.

“Tell me it’s not true, tell me it’s not true”.


The past few weeks have continued to be full of sickness. There have been stomach bugs, colds, sore throats, headaches, a respiratory infection for the baby, conjunctivitis and now flu for my husband. He’s even taken time off which is unusual and not easy now he’s self employed.

The thermometer had been recording temperatures of 40 and now another tooth is being cut. We just can’t seem to shake off all these bugs.

My poor friends and their kids haven’t faired much better either.

I have written posts in my head and taken photos thinking I’ll write about that but the words just haven’t come.

One day they will. One day my creativity will return in full.

One day.

February – 5 under £5

Time has whizzed by and I haven’t blogged since the last 5 under £5. Teething, stomach bugs, coughs and colds have all got in the way, not to mention the unwelcome return of reflux.

Money is pretty tight at the moment but I have found lots of lovely small gifts in the Dotcomgiftshop sale. I haven’t listed them all just in case some of the recipients are reading!


My girls are always going off with bits and pieces from the kitchen. This little set of wooden spoons are slightly on the small side but only £1 and great for little hands. Time to reclaim mine!

I have lots of their clothes to sort and pack away. This pretty jumbo storage bag at £2.95 is perfect for organising them. Even at full price it’s still under £5 and there are lots of different designs to choose from.

These lovely waterproof hats from Jojo Maman Bebe are out of stock now but I picked them up in the sale for £2 each. I love the contrasting colours and soft fleece lining. My three year old has a hood that never stays up and adores her new hat.

I find it hard to resist pretty craft things especially for making cards. Lidl were selling packs of three rolls of decorative tape for about £1 last week. The stars are my favourite.

Finally these Lovely Animals Memo Pads were just 50p (now £2.95) and very sweet. They are ideal for popping in the post with a birthday card.

I’m linking up this post over at Rainbeaubelle. This month I’ll try and reply to some of the lovely comments despite epic sleep deprivation!

January – 5 under £5

I’ve been looking forward to joining in with 5 under £5 over on Rainbeaubelle for ages but finding time to write and take photographs has been a challenge! My daughter has started preschool and life is more hectic than ever. She’s really enjoying it though and has settled in incredibly well.


My favourite Barry’s Tea was on offer for £2.30 this week. It reminds me of sitting with family around the kitchen table in Ireland.

I have incredibly sensitive skin which is worse in the winter. I’m under strict instructions from my GP to avoid scented bath and shower products but hate the prescription stuff. Thankfully Aloe Vera Foam Bath from M&S smells lovely but doesn’t irritate my skin. £3 is more than I’d usually spend but it’s definitely worth it and lasts a good while.

Sticking with M&S, I found this lovely Linear Cake Tin in the sale for £2. I  love the bright colours and just need to decide what to put in it before my three year old claims it!

I’m mad about storage at the moment and couldn’t resist these lovely Storage Suitcases from The Works. When they’re on offer they cost £5 for a set of three. I have a soft spot for all things Hungry Caterpillar and the Rose Print is so pretty.

Finally my bargain of the month has to be these Curver Storage Baskets. They are perfect for tidying away the  brightly coloured toys we’ve been given over Christmas and a 1st birthday. They come in lots of different sizes and while half price at Tesco come in well under £5 each.

So there we have it, my post finally finished at 1am with a teething baby in my arms!

This too shall pass

When you’re bone achingly tired and you feel like you have nothing left.

When the days are long and the nights are longer.

When you wonder if you’ll ever sleep again.

When the screams break your heart and hurt your ears.

When the emotions are like an overwhelming flood.

When you are convinced that you have failed.

When grief weighs you down and you feel like you can’t breathe.


this too shall pass.